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REFERENCE POINT in the city of Miami


The Italian American Blockchain Association ("IABA") was born inside the Blockchain Center Miami. A point of reference for all Italians living or passing by Miami. IABA offers the opportunity to join a group of developers, engineers, digital content specialists and other experts for a daily collaboration to develop ideas, research, and projects related to new technologies and familiarize with cryptocurrencies.

EDUCATION & NETWORKING as primary objectives


The main goal of the Italian American Blockchain Association ("IABA") is to educate on blockchain technologies, focusing on entrepreneurial use-cases and innovations through positively disruptive applications. To achieve this purpose, IABA offers the opportunity to partecipate in conferences, workshops and networking events. IABA establishes a network of support to young Italians seeking to advance their studies in the U.S. on blockchain and new technologies.

Image by Mathew Schwartz
American Flags

Italian products have always been appreciated all over the world and, above all, in the U.S. The preservation of Made in Italy's products authenticity appears to be nowadays extremely important in the battle against counterfeiting. Recent studies have shown that in the world there are 40 billion euros of real Made in Italy and as many as 100 billion euros of false. Blockchain can contribute to reduce counterfeiting providing the final consumer with certainty about the origin and the route of each product. This generates trust in the product itself and, consequently, in the country of origin of the same and may constitute an opportunity of revival for the Italian economy worldwide. The Italian American Blockchain Association ("IABA") provides mentoring and guidance to all the Italian entrepreneurs that decide to grant more authenticity to their products through the introduction of new technologies.


In the context of Made in Italy's promotion, special regard must be paid to Italian companies that would like to expand their business overseas.

The Italian American Blockchain Association ("IABA"), in collaboration with a team of local professionals, analyzes projects and initiatives that are looking to the U.S. to provide qualified and complete assistance. Such support is not only intended toward the development of projects related to blockchain but also to the identification of the appropriate professionals to establish a new business in the U.S. and to develop an appropriate business strategy.

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